Day 15 

 I’m so sore right now and dont know what to do about it. Working out everyday tho and still perfect diet. I’m changing to do more cardio now. I can’t film on thursday cause it might be raining. but over all i’m staying postive bout everything.

Day 19 

today’s work out is carido power and resistance. 3 months to get in shape. I think i can do it.

Day 18

Did cardio recovery and feeling much better no pain. thats an good thing. Still working on an better diet.

Day 17

pure cardio and carido abs. covered in sweat. 46 more days. 

Day- 16 

did the pyomectric cardio workout and treadmill for 30min. Being out of school has let me catch up on sleep. I don’t have to wait to late to do it now. But my eating habits could be better. really no excuses now.

Day 15 

Finally out of school so, I should be able to post every day no problem. this morning i did the upper body workout. it wasn’t to bad. But i do feel it when i left up my arms. Also i did much better on my fit test. I’m no longer dreading the rest of the days.

Days- 10-14 

Like always school interferes with my workout and my plans. On these days i gave 30 min on the treadmill. This is finals week so I hope to get back on track with the original insanity workout. I tried to eat right but gained back 6 pounds.

Day 8: another late workout

Last night was the Cardio Power & Resistance. I kept up with in better but not good. School starting to getting in way. Got to do better somehow.

Day: 6 Change in plans

I decided to take the rest day early so I can catch up on some IB lit. work. So tomorrow I will be doing the plyometric cardio circuit

Day 5: trying to keep up

Yesterday was more my speed. I felt the burn the entire time. Today , the pure cardio, was back to the how increase speed thing. Back to the trying to keep up with the video. Now I’m tired and have to work on an school paper. Cant wait for school to get out , so doing this will be easier to balance. 

Day 4: disc 4 might be my favorite

Eating right getting tough. Also their is no one  at home to support me working out and promote healthy eating. They just want to complain about what I’m doing. Todays workout was cardio recover. I really like this one just because I was able to keep up with out get out breath to bad. Thats not to say I didn’t feel the burn.

Day 3: better but still hurting

I dropped 3 lbs. from when I started. This to me mean it working. I worried about over eating at school today and luckily that didn’t happen. Todays work out was Cardio Power & Resistance. I did an better job keeping up with this one but at the last 15 mins. when he added the weird push ups killed my arms. I know Im going to feel that in the morning.

Day 2: Worse than Day 1 

 I really cut back on my weekend eating habits, but the real test is if I can eat heathy at school.  School and physical activity  like this didn’t really work for because of nutrition and time. I’m sure my friends will help keep me in check. But anyways today was the plyometric cardio circuit. The whole push harder thing just killed me and that was just the warm up. When the real stuff came I just did what could.Words of encouragement would be helpful. 


Today I starting the insanity workout. Now that schools getting ready to be let out for the summer I thought I’d get in shape for my senior year. The fitness test is first and now my legs are destroyed and I’m tried to the point i don’t wait to move form where i am. I know i was out of shape but I didn’t know that I was this bad. Words of encouragement would be helpful to get through the 60 days.