this is crazy. there so many ups and downs to college life. 

I just completed my first week of college. I’m not going to lie it was hard. Some classes sound just too much. But I managed to be head of the game so I can enjoy my 3 day weekend.

I’m officially in college, livin in a dorm. School don’t start til Monday. But I’m board and miss my friends in atl.



"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will spend the rest of its life thinking it’s an idiot."



Wow, really?

This was just to crazy. It’s lat. just got the fresh cut. Jamin to the radio. And as I pull in to nieborhood I see the girl standing outside the car in front of her. I continue to jam. But as I’m Turing in a guy jumps out of his car and push her in the the street. Like he bout to beat her ass. I intervene. They both ask me to leave. I did. But I can’t stop worried about what happen.

I finally have a break to work on me. SkillsUSA is a make in worse i didn’t place. So I’ll step my game up. Search for these new programs.

Days 17-19

I missed the last 2 days and didn’t even notice. I guess i’m worried about to many things. So friday and saurday my mom and sister went to a cheer compatiton. I glad thier gone. I need the time away from them. I think got my pic layed out for this competitions together but im still not done. I got about an week left for that. Monday is no school so that’s an plus. that will be the day i will catch up on some movies.

Day 14: getting to work

So this what going down, tomorrow i’m going to present my ideas for the film group to the  other tomorrow, hopefully the will make up for the other scripts needed to complete the schedule. Once every one agree Ill ask my day to have some friends over for some photos. Im looking at contest tonight. I’m also sending of my first SAT scores form the first test to some colleges. Maybe they will excpet me soon. I’m tired of waiting.